Face Mask 25 Pack
Face Mask 25 Pack
Face Mask 25 Pack
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Face Mask 25 Pack

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Disposable Face Masks

25 Pack Protective Facemasks

- 4 Layer Filter

- Fits Snug to the Face

- Fluid Resistant and Disposable

- Adjustable Nose Strip

- Single Use


1) Wash your hands

2) Hold the mask in your hand and place it on nose, mouth and chin.

3) Secure the elastic strings behind your ears.

4) Press the metallic wire to fit the shape of your nose and face.

Please dispose carefully after use.


These are suitable to meet the Ministry of Health recommendations for the use of face coverings to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The masks are marked with KN95 but may not in fact meet the represented standards for this.